Course Description

What if there was a better way to teach?

Do you wish your students were more confident, less afraid to fail and more motivated to press into their potential as performers?

What if there was a way of teaching that draws these things out in students?

If you really want your students to thrive, you need to ensure your class environment is a place where every student can have the courage to stretch themselves, express themselves and and break through their limitations... from the youngest to your most senior students.

And that requires skilled teaching.

Not only that, it requires an approach that is different to the way a lot of us were taught.

Many of us learnt that to be a good teacher you need to be a harsh teacher. And if you want to get results you need to yell & scream and talk down to students.

But the research and neuroscience is clear that this approach is not the way students brains’ learn best.

In fact, fear-based learning can be detrimental to student’s progress and performance in the long run – and we, as an industry, need to learn a better way of training the performers (and teachers) of tomorrow.

In StageMinded Teaching, you will learn:

  • the science of successful teaching
  • how to maximise results AND wellbeing at the same time (yes, that is possible!)
  • how to give highly effective feedback that will have students taking charge of their progress
  • strategies for helping anxious and perfectionistic students to thrive

This course is for you if you are:

A dance or performing arts teacher and you want to get equipped with cutting-edge teaching practices that will ensure you bring the best out of your students in a positive, sustainable way.

A studio owner or performing arts institution and you want to ensure that all your staff are drawing from best-practice teaching techniques and communicating with students in ways that will reflect well on your school and bring the best outcomes for students.

“Philippa, your work is absolutely brilliant! The content is just perfect, your delivery style is amazing, everything is as good as it can get. You are worth your weight in gold.” Janet Karin

This training provides you with:

  • On-demand, self-paced online training modules you can complete anywhere
  • A workbook & classroom tools to apply your learning and enhance your teaching
  • Mentoring Support from Philippa via Email at any time
  • Studio Access includes individual access for up to 10 staff members.

Bring your teaching in-line with current neuroscience and psychology research under the expert guidance of Philippa Ziegenhardt, Counsellor at The Australian Ballet School, former professional ballet dancer and founder of 

Counsellor & Former Professional Ballet Dancer

Philippa Ziegenhardt

Philippa is a former professional ballet dancer, so she knows firsthand the pressures and self-doubt that so many performers face when pursuing their dreams. She is now a qualified Counsellor, with over 6 years experience working with performing artists. Philippa is Counsellor and performance psychology teacher at The Australian Ballet School and founder of and she is on a mission to make sure every performer, student & teacher is equipped to thrive in the industry.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Pre-Course Questionnaire

    • Introduce Yourself!

    • StageMinded Teaching Workbook

  • 2


    • The Brain's Stress Response

    • Avoidance Motivation

    • Approach Motivation

    • Fear Based Learning

    • Getting Into Approach Mode

    • Discuss...

  • 3


    • The Four Basic Needs

    • Providing Safety

    • Relational Learning

    • Giving Students Control

    • Maximising Pleasure, Minimising Pain

    • Discuss...

  • 4


    • The Two Mindsets

    • The Mindsets In Comparison

    • Fixed Mindset & Talent

    • Growth Mindset & Effort

    • Mindset & Mistakes

    • How To Focus On Effort

    • The Effect Of Praise On Learning

    • Language That Promotes A Growth Mindset

    • The Role Of Questions

    • How To Help Students Adopt A Growth Mindset

    • Discuss...

  • 5


    • The Roots Of Perfectionism

    • Restoring Confidence In Students

    • Discuss...

  • 6


    • Handling Anxious Students

    • Managing Behavioural Issues

    • Discuss...

  • 7


    • Summary

    • Post-Course Questionnaire

    • BONUS: Classroom Tools

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